Mid-Century Modern Los Angeles

Mid-Century Modern Los Angeles

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Is the Sitting Pretty Design Center the key to Mid-Century?

So, MCM. I know you’re thinking man crush Monday, don’t lie. However, I mean Mid-century modern. You hear it everywhere you go, especially when it comes to homes, design, or furniture. Well, it’s a design that really focuses on simplicity, democratic designs, and natural shapes. Often, you might see it in a “cheap” furniture store or associate that to its quality. As a result of its simplicity, mid-century modern furniture can be made quite poorly and for little money. However, YOU, you hold yourself to a standard that is much higher than poor quality. You deserve nothing short of the best. So, what’s the answer? The Sitting Pretty Design Center of course. With 50,000 square feet of endless possibilities, our showroom showcases the most exclusive mid-century modern furniture in Los Angeles.


Problems with mid-century modern:

  • It can be “cheap” quality,
  • The sizes tend to be too small for larger homes, and
  • The level of customization just isn’t up to par.

Solutions that the Sitting Pretty Design Center will offer you:

  • We offer exceptional quality mid-century modern furniture that is made here in America.
  • We can customize size (dimensions), fabric, finishes, plushness of the pillows, and much more!
  • Lastly, we provide you with the opportunity to get 1-on-1 input from OUR experienced team of interior designers.


Check out our home furnishing blog to learn how to become a DIY designer!

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