Looking for Bar Stools?

Looking for Bar Stools?

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We have 65 years of bar stool experience. This is what you need to know:

Great bar stools are not as easy to find as they once were with only a select few stores left in existence selling quality bar and counter stools. With home furniture being easier than ever to acquire and high-quality furniture being on the decline, you might be asking yourself why it’s so difficult to find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, major retailers are selling imported products that lack any sense of customization and are made in less than ideal work environments, by people who may be under certain age requirements, and with carcinogenic materials that are worse for your health as well as your children’s. But here at the Sitting Pretty Design Center, we have a wide selection of American-made, beautifully constructed custom bar stools just waiting for a place in your home.

Transitional Style, Rustic Industrial Modern, wood and metal Bar Stool Examples:


Rustic Industrial Modern Contemporary Bar Stool Sitting Pretty Inc Los Angeles  Transitional Style Bar Stool Sitting Pretty Inc Sherman Oaks Los Angelesmodern height bar stool sitting pretty inc  

While those are all factors to consider, ordering online is NOT an option for you either. You know that you want a specific textured fabric and shade, material finish, and height. While some homes are built to current specifications for bars (42 inches) and counters (36 inches), other older homes may not follow those same guidelines. You’ve come to understand that you want to go to a place where you can get the proper assistance and guidance that you deserve. So, you search online, “Where can I find good quality, custom bar stools?”

Traditional and Modern Custom Bar Stool Examples:


extra-tall bar stool Modern Bar Stool Sitting Pretty Inc Los AngelesTraditional Bar Stool Sitting Pretty Inc Los Angeles modern bar stool sitting pretty inc

Luckily you’ve found the Sitting Pretty Design Center! Our beautiful 50,000 square foot showroom showcases the most exquisite bar stools on the market that we custom design from A to Z. You can select from thousands of unique fabrics that we upholster, seat backs that fit your specific needs, and a plethora of material finishes, all the way down to the plushness of the cushion. Maybe you’ve been feeling some back pain and need a seat with additional support. We’ve got you covered. Sitting Pretty houses several custom bar stools that feature an ergonomic flexible back that offers you maximum comfort. If your home features a modern design and you want a custom bar stool that promotes contemporary colors and simple clean lines, Sitting Pretty has that too. The Sitting Pretty Design Center’s showroom has more than 400 bar stools and counter stools alone, not to mention our huge variety of casual dining furniturepatio furniture, and custom designed furniture.


Traditional and Modern Custom Bar Stool Examples:


Modern Contemporary Bar Stool Sitting Pretty IncTraditional Bar Stool Sitting Pretty Inc  modern bar stool sitting pretty inc

So, when it comes to your next set of bar stools or counter stools, remember this:

  • Custom bar stools and counter stools have been our specialty for over 65 years.
  • People come in all different shapes and sizes, so visit Sitting Pretty for personalized bar stools that fit YOU.
  • Sitting Pretty has a 50,000 square foot showroom that showcases over 400 bar and counter stools.
  • Don’t be afraid to Sit Pretty!

modern bar stools and table sitting pretty incTransitional Design Bar stools Sitting Pretty Inc.

Rustic Modern Bar Stools  pub table and metal modern bar stool

Bar Stools sitting pretty design Center  modern blue teal bar stool and pub table sitting pretty inc

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