Custom Furniture for your Home: Expectations VS Reality

Custom Furniture for your Home: Expectations VS Reality

Custom Furniture for your Home: Expectations VS Reality 1392 851 TOREN ALEXANDER ARUSI

Here is the all too familiar story:

You saw a sectional at a boutique hotel in some little town in Switzerland and it was love at first sight. You sat down in it, put your legs up, and spent hours contemplating how on God’s green earth a sectional could be so darn comfortable. Fast forward two months and you still can’t get this sectional out of your mind. So, you scour the internet to find this piece. The hotel had an outdated website and the sectional was nowhere to be found. Luckily, you took a picture!

Modern Custom Furniture Sitting Pretty Inc
You have a picture, but what do you do with it? So, you Google, “Where do I get custom furniture?” The first thing you see is some custom builder. You take the picture to them, but they want an exorbitant amount of money and can’t even recreate the sectional exactly. They give you the run around and you’re just not having it.  However, you want this modern custom sofa and you simply will NOT take no for an answer. You have done your due diligence and now know that custom furniture is by no means easy to come by. It can sometimes require you to know exactly what you are looking for, can be costly, and can quite frankly most people don’t have the level of experience to get it done. So, “where the heck do I get custom furniture in Los Angeles?” Easy, the Sitting Pretty Design Center!


Modern Custom Furniture Sitting Pretty Inc

We have over 65 years in business making custom furniture! We have

  • Custom dining room furniture
  • Custom living room furniture (custom sofas, sectionals, and much more!)
  • Custom bedroom furniture (custom beds, bed-boards, etc)
  • You name it, and our masterful craftsmen can make it.

You walk into our 50,000 square foot showroom and browse options to your heart’s desire, walking through vignettes designed by some of the best interior designers in the business. You give us a call or visit our website, schedule yourself an appointment with one of our interior design team members and the process begins. You show us a picture of that sectional that has held a special place in your heart since the day you first laid eyes on it. We find the perfect fabric match from our thousands of fabric samples. We’ve found the one. You are in awe of how simple the process has been. We customize the finish of the wood or metal legs and get to making your dream piece. Lastly, we choose the plushness of the pillows based on your vivid description and voila! Your custom furniture piece is in the making.
So, remember this about the Sitting Pretty Design Center:

  • Custom furniture doesn’t have to be a impossible.
  • You can customize the dimensions, the fabric, the finish, the plushness of the pillow, and more.
  • Call us or visit our showroom to turn your dreams into a reality!

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