Caracole I'm Available Side Table
Caracole I'm Available Side Table
Caracole I'm Available Side Table
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The eye-catching Caracole I'm Available Side Table comes with a 22-inch wide side table featuring two glass surfaces on the metal frame, finished in our soft Gold Bullion.

Dimensions: 22W x 26D x 26.25H
Lay on Glass Top with Stainless Steel Base, Inset Glass Shelf at Bottom

Inset Glass Shelf at Bottom: 22”W x 26”D x 23.5”H


Caracole offers unique items that work in harmony to furnish your entire house. Every piece represents high design and independent thinking, with more than seventy-five finishes and materials: exotic woods, mixed elements and hand-applied finishes. Each piece stands alone...and speaks for itself. Throw the rules out the window and allow your subliminal preferences and unconditioned reflexes to make the call.
Finish: Mink Fabric: 3008-35CC

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